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Get Fibre to your home from R599.00

Speed Telkom Uncapped Telkom Soft Cap VOX
10/5 Mbps R806.01 R705.13(100 GB softcap data Free night surfer) R599.00
20/10 Mbps R1,007,76 R806.10(100 GB softcap data Free night surfer) R1,099.00
40/20 Mbps R1,310.39 R1,007.76(200 GB softcap data Free night surfer) R1,299.00
100/50 Mbps R1,713.90 R1,613.30(400 GB softcap data Free night surfer) R1,449.00


Get connected from R288.51pm

Speed Telkom VOX
4 Mbps R288.51 R299.00
10 Mbps R579.04 R402.01
20 Mbps R1,007.76 R699.00
40 Mbps R1,451.62 R999.01


Internet to your home from R219.00pm

Speed Telkom VOX
5GB R249.00SmartBroadband Wireless 5GB  
10GB R355.00SmartBroadband Wireless 10GB  
20GB R455.00SmartBroadband Wireless 20GB R219.0020GB ZTE MF253 Router
30GB R555.00SmartBroadband Wireless 30GB  
50GB R755.00SmartBroadband Wireless 50GB R349.0020GB ZTE MF253 Router
100GB R1059.00SmartBroadband Wireless 100GB R530.0020GB ZTE MF253 Router
Uncapped Business Hours R599.00SmartBroadband Wireless Uncapped Business Hours  

Fibre: ***Vox : Free Installation-Save R2875.00
LTE: ***Telkom : LTE/LTE-A WiFi Router included (With Contract)
LTE: ***Vox : WiFi Router included (With Contract) - B618 or ZTE MF253